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Your help needed to generate support for programs that protect marine turtles and other endangered wildlife!

Date: May 22, 2007
Contact: Marydele Donnelly
Phone: (352) 373-6441

Action deadline: Ended April 1, 2009
How You Can Help

Dear STC Activist,

We need your help to generate support for special programs that protect marine turtles and other endangered wildlife. In the next few weeks the U.S. Congress will be making decisions about funding for the Multinational Species Conservation Funds and Wildlife Without Borders Programs which protect more than 100 threatened species around the world. During the last Administration, STC activists played a key role in ensuring these programs were adequately funded and convinced Congress to increase funding for the Marine Turtle Conservation Act, the newest fund in the program. We ask you to help once again. 

The Multinational Species Conservation Funds (MSCF) and Wildlife Without Borders (WWB) programs are small but highly effective programs. They have been hugely successful in conserving species at risk of extinction around the world – African and Asian elephants, great apes, rhinos, tigers, marine turtles and neo-tropical migratory birds -- by providing grants for anti-poaching, population surveys, education, and efforts to resolve human-animal conflicts. In the countries where these animals live, poverty, conflict and natural disasters often hinder conservation efforts. As a result, grant requests have far outstripped available resources.

Please contact your Congressional Representative by April 1st to urge that he or she contact key committees to increase funding for these programs.


TAKE ACTION: Urge your Representative to support strong funding for the conservation of marine turtles and other endangered species.

* Contact the Washington, DC or local office of your Congressional Representative and make the main points from the letter below. You can reach your Representative via the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 or via the internet by going to Write your Representative. All Congressional offices have websites with posted contact information.

* Forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

Thank you for your help. It really makes a difference.


Dear (insert the name of your Representative here):

I urge you to sign a Dear Colleague letter to the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee in support of the Multinational Species Conservation Funds (MSCF) for this year. These funds safeguard marine turtles, elephants, tigers, rhinos, great apes, and neo-tropical migratory birds from extinction. A letter of support for these programs is being circulated by Representatives George Miller, Don Young, Madeleine Bordallo and Henry Brown.

These programs provide great value. Through grants for anti-poaching, population surveys, education, and efforts to resolve human-animal conflicts, they prevent the extinction of some of the world's most spectacular wildlife. These programs also protect many other species dependent on the same habitat, contribute to sustainable development and provide economic security for human populations. These funds have an excellent record of success, despite continuing threats from disease, poverty, insurgency, and natural disasters.

I urge you to request $2.75 Million each for the Marine Turtle Fund, Asian Elephant Fund, African Elephant Fund, and the Great Apes Fund; $4 Million for the combined Rhino-Tiger Fund; $6.5 Million for the Neo-tropical Migratory Bird Fund; and $4 Million for the Wildlife Without Border Program.

The Marine Turtle Conservation Fund especially needs more support, as grant requests have far outstripped the resources of this newest program. Over the last five years only about a quarter of the marine turtle applications have been funded. The grants which have been made to date have protected thousands of vulnerable turtles.

The Multinational Species Conservation Funds help to generate support from other governments, corporations and conservation organizations. In addition, many grants protect forest habitats that are essential to the control of global warming. These programs consistently leverage more than three times the U.S. contribution through matching funds. Please do all you can to support these magnificent species that are an integral part of our world's natural heritage.

The deadline for signatures is April 1, 2009. Signatures are being collected by Ben Miller (202-225-2095) on Congressman George Miller's staff.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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