Test your knowledge of the coastal habitats upon which sea turtles depend. All the answers for this quiz can be found throughout this web site, especially in the Coastal Habitats section.

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1. The habitat described as an area where fresh water and salt water mix, is called a:

coral reef
coastal strand

2. More than 90% of the _______ Occurs in Florida:

sea turtle nesting in the Caribbean
sea turtle nesting in the United States
sea turtle nesting in the continental United States
sea turtle nesting in the Western Hemisphere

3. The roots of healthy plants that grow on the dune:

help cover and protect sea turtle eggs
help catch sand and rebuild the dune
get in the way and make the beach look dirty
don't do anything useful

4. Barrier islands are important because:

they are a great place to sunbath
they don't move and will always be there
they provide protection from storms for the mainland

5. This Coastal Vegetation Community Has Become Severely Fragmented and Is the Most Uncommon Coastal Vegetation Community in Florida:

coastal strand

6. True or False - Beach Systems Are Stationary and Do Not Shift over Time:


7. The Perpetual Movement of Sand along a Coastline Is Called:

a rip tide
a storm event
longshore drift
upshore drift

8. Which of the following is a major threat to the dune and beach system?

no building on the coast
coastal development
removal of exotic vegetation

9. The _________ was designated to protect sea turtle nesting habitat:

Everglades National Park
Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

10. Sea grass beds are declining due to:

a) marine pollution
b) being used as breeding areas by fish and shellfish
c) being eaten by sea turtles
d) being damaged by boat propellers
both b & d
both c & d
both a & d

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