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Get Involved: Simple Actions You Can Take

Get Involved: Simple Actions

Sea Turtle Conservancy
Sea Turtle Conservancy

Use GoodShop to Raise Money

Did you know you can raise money for the Sea Turtle Conservancy just by shopping online? When you shop through Goodshop, part of what you spend will be automatically donated back to our cause. Visit to help raise money for STC.

Recycle your old cell phones to support STC

STC has partnered with SecondWave Recycling to make use of cell phones that might otherwise end up in landfills. Ship your phone to SecondWave for free and a portion will be given to STC. When you are on the SecondWave website, please select how many phones you'd like to donate then select Sea Turtle Conservancy from the drop down menu.

Adopt-A-Turtle to Support Sea Turtle Conservation

Take a personal interest in one of the satellite-tagged turtles or a turtle tagged in Costa Rica. The donation directly supports sea turtle conservation. See the Adopt-A-Turtle - Become a Member section for details.

Throw a Sea Turtle House Party

Would you like a great reason to throw a party? Are you interested in learning more about ways you can help sea turtles? If you answered, yes, then you are ready to become a House Party Host! Click here to download your FREE House Party Toolkit with everything you need to throw a sea turtle-themed party.

Reduce the Amount of Plastic Garbage You Produce

Collect all the plastic trash you use in a 24-hour period. Consider how much plastic trash your street produces in a day; the whole city; the state; the nation. Think about how you and others can get through each day using less plastic and locate a local plastic recycle center -- then do it and encourage others to reduce and recycle as well.

Tell People How Helium Balloons Harm Sea Turtles

Helium-filled balloons are frequently released into the sky to celebrate events. Like plastic trash, helium balloons end up in the ocean, especially when released near the coast. Sea turtles mistakenly eat the balloons and die. If you know of a group planning a balloon release, ask them to consider another attention getter.

Reduce the Amount of Chemicals You Use

Many people use chemicals and fertilizers on their lawns and gardens. Used motor oil and paints are deadly to plants and animals if not disposed of correctly. Many of these chemicals get washed into coastal lagoons and wash up on beaches. Find biodegradable lawn and garden products that you can use and facilities that properly dispose of toxic chemicals.

Purchase a Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate

If you live in Florida you can purchase a "Helping Sea Turtles Survive" specialty license plate for your vehicle! Proceeds from the sale of the sea turtle plate go to support Florida's Marine Turtle Protection Program and help fund the Sea Turtle Grants Program. The grants program awards around $300,000 each year to support research, eduction, and rehabilitation projects the benefit Florida's sea turtles. Learn more about the Sea Turtle Grants Program.

Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Newspaper

Find out how to submit a "Letter to the Editor" to your local paper. Write letters that inform your community about the plight of sea turtles and other marine wildlife. You might even let people know about this program. If you live near the coast, ask people to do their part to protect nesting turtles and hatchlings by turning off beachfront lights during nesting season or opposing the use of coastal armoring.

Show Your Support by Placing a Banner on Your Website, Blog, and Profile

Show your support for STC and sea turtle conservation. Just copy and paste the html code, it's that easy. View STC Banners.

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