Social Networking to Save Sea Turtles

 Social Networking to Save Sea Turtles

STC is excited to announce that we are now on social networking sites. If you are a member of Facebook, MySpace, Care2 or follow Twitter, you can help save sea turtles by joining us!

Facebook: To support our conservation efforts and help others learn more about sea turtles, join our Cause on Facebook. By adding the Causes application and joining STC, you can show that you care about sea turtles. You can help recruit friends and ask for donations, making an even bigger difference with just a click of your mouse! Click here to see our Causes page.

You can also become a STC Fan on Facebook. Check out our Fan Page and watch videos, view photos and stay up-to-date on our events!

Care2: The Care2 network is a great way to meet people that want to make a difference in the world. If you are a member, you can join STC's group and support sea turtle conservation. Care2 also has a great news center that often features STC's work. To learn more about Care2 and STC's group, please click here

Twitter: STC is now on Twitter to give you quick updates about our activities. Check out our latest news alerts by viewing our Tour de Turtles page: If you Twitter yourself, please tell everyone about STC and why you support sea turtle conservation.

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