Sea Turtle Calendar of Events Submission Form

 Sea Turtle Calendar of Events Submission Form

STC is excited to announce a new Sea Turtle Calendar of Events available on our Website. Many of our members and supporters nationwide have asked us about opportunities to get involved in sea turtle conservation at the local level. For this reason, STC created a calendar to share events on both the local and national level. Any organization hosting an event that supports sea turtles, including ocean and coastal activities, is welcomed to submit their events by filling out the Submission Form. Contributing organizations can use the calendar to promote involvement on a local level by sharing it with their members. In return, STC will include every group's contact information and promote the calendar to its members and the media as a source of information. This collaborative effort is intended to promote participation in sea turtle events across the Florida and the United States with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness and support. If your organization has an event or activity to add to the calendar, please follow the submission instructions below.

Submission Instructions:

  • The primary purpose of the Sea Turtle Calendar of Events is to fairly promote events that support sea turtle conservation efforts --events, activities, classes, workshops, etc.
  • Events must be open to the public. There are no deadlines for submissions, but please try to submit at least one month in advance of the event date. Listings are free and inclusion is up to the discretion of the Sea Turtle Conservancy.
  • To submit an event, please use the Submission Form located below the calendar. Listings will typically post in 3 business days. To alter or rescind a previously submitted event please email
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy is not responsible for errors in event listings or for system problems. Listed events are the sole obligation and sole responsibility of event organizers and/or sponsors.
  • By clicking on "Submit Event," you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

Contact Information

The following information will allow us to contact you in the event we require additional information or clarification regarding your event submission.

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