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Underwater Sea Turtle photos by David Schrichte, Sunrise photo by John Moran

Correct answers are listed below:

1. What do hawksbill sea turtles eat? all of the above
2. This turtle gets its name because of its exceptionally large head: loggerhead sea turtle
3. The Pacific green turtle is also called the: black sea turtle
4. The upper part, or back, of a sea turtle's shell is called the: carapace
5. When a female turtle crawls out of the ocean onto a beach, but for some reason does not nest, it is called a: false crawl
6. The lower part, or underside, of a sea turtle's shell is called the: plastron
7. While a female sea turtle is nesting, she appears to shed "tears," but the turtle is really: secreting extra salt from her body
8. All sea turtles nest in these regions of the world: subtropical & tropical waters
9. Which sea turtle species dives the deepest, travels the furthest and grows the largest? leatherback sea turtle
10. Which of the following is not a human-caused threat to sea turtle survival? ghost crab predation

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