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A green turtle encountered on May 23 at 12:41 am. Curved shell length 107 cm, curved shell width 102 cm. Researchers needed to tag one more green turtle, but they walked the beach for many hours without a single turtle sighting. Shellie was in the middle of a 'false crawl' when she was found on the beach.  Researchers were never so glad to see a turtle! She was promptly tagged and released soon after. Like Luria, Shellie had a beautiful shell with little to no marks, scratches, barnacles or algae.

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Cumulative distance traveled: 3,283 km (2,040 miles)
Distance covered since last location: 0.01 km (0.00 miles)
Time tracked: 90 days

Average speed since release: 1.52 kph (0.94 mph)
Average speed since last location: 0.00 kph (0.00 mph)
Time since last location update: 36,563 hours

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