Support STC: Giving Tuesday

Help us turn $27,000 into $54,000 for Sea Turtle Conservation this #GivingTuesday!

STC asks for your help to support one of our most urgent conservation programs. Every bit of the funding raised during the 2020 Giving Tuesday Campaign will support the critical work STC is doing to study juvenile green turtles in the Gulf of Mexico.  The overall goals are to understand the distribution, health, threats and demographic trends of the sea turtles found in this important foraging habitat and to promote their conservation in the Gulf of Mexico. While the results still are coming in, the data provide an important baseline because the sex ratios of turtles found in this may become skewed toward females as our climate continues to warm. Additionally, the nesting beach origin of juveniles observed along Florida’s Gulf coast might be subject to change as nesting rookeries increase or decrease in abundance. Through turtle captures, we observed that 60% to 70% of the juvenile green turtles in this region show signs of the tumor-causing disease fibropapillomatosis (FP). Through this research, we are documenting important population characteristics of juvenile turtles decades before they are expected to reach maturity and begin nesting.

Please consider donating for Giving Tuesday. Help turn $27,000 in to $54,000 for STC’s Florida In-Water Research Project – STC’s Board of Directors is matching donations made for Giving Tuesday, up to a total of $27,000!

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