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Articles from Issue 3, 2015
Bermuda Green Turtle Surprises Researchers

Restoring Native Dune Vegetation to Reduce Impacts of Artificial Lighting

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List of Adopted Turtles Seen In Tortuguero (updated with the 2014 season)

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Issue 1, 2015
The Sea Turtle License Plate: Creating a Better Future for Florida’s Sea Turtles for Twenty Years

Stewardship at the Barrier Island Center
Issue 2, 2015
The Plastic Predicament

New Community Outreach Program
Issue 3, 2014
Lights Out for Sea Turtles

Support the Florida Water and Land Legacy Initiative

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Issue 4, 2014
Green Power Helps Save Sea Turtles in Panama

Tour de Turtles

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Issue 1, 2014
The Louisiana Challenge for Sea Turtles

Eco-Volunteering: The Adventure of a Lifetime

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Issue 2, 2014
Managing the Impacts of Artificial Light for Sea Turtles

Florida Coastal Policy Update

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Issue 3, 2013
STC provides training and advice to sea turtle projects in Colombia and Cuba

STC and UF Conservation Law Clinic shine a light on protection

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Issue 1, 2013
Developing Ecotourism Supports Local Community and Sea Turtle Conservation

Tour de Turtles Research Increasing Knowledge and Awareness About Sea Turtles

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Issue 2, 2013
Green Turtle Nesting Shatters all Records in Florida

Feds Designate Critical Habitat for Loggerhead Sea Turtles: What does it Mean?

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Issue 3, 2012
Sea Turtle Conservancy Expands its Conservation Work in Panama

Florida Legislature Weakens Protection for Sea Turtles

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Issue 4, 2012
Does the Cayman Turtle Farm Have a Future?

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Issue 1, 2012
Florida's Coastal and Ocean Future: Blueprint for Economic and Environmental Leadership

Veterinary Clinic Helps Reduce Dog Predation

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Issue 2, 2012
Bermuda Turtle Project Continues to Amaze

Leatherback nesting trends in Costa Rica and Panama

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Issue 2, 2011
Record Sea Turtle Strandings Prompt STC to Take Legal Action

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Issue 3, 2011
Addressing Florida's Beachfront Lighting Problem

STC's Legal Victory for Sea Turtles
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Issue 1, 2011
Recovered Oil Fund Helps Florida's Sea Turtles

How Sustainable is Sustainable Seafood?

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Issue 3, 2010
Good News for Nesting Turtles

STC Holiday Gift Catalogue

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Issue 1, 2010
Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change on Sea Turtles

Double Trouble: Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

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Issue 2, 2010
Sea Turtle Conservancy's response to the oil crisis

Oil, Oil Everywhere

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Issue 3, 2009
After 50 Years, CCC and Sea Turtles Still Attracts Passionate Supporters

Continuing the Fight against the Illegal Harvest of Sea Turtles in Tortuguero

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Issue 4, 2009
Plastics-at-Sea Catastrophe

Turtle Tides

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Issue 1, 2009
Emergency Action Taken to Protect Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles

Florida Legislative Update

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Issue 2, 2009
CCC Prepares for Legal Action over Bottom Longline Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Florida Coastal Policy Update
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Issue 3, 2008
Barrier Island Center's Eco-Explorer Summer Program

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Issue 4, 2008
Trawl Fishing Threatens Loggerheads

Tortuguero Update

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Issue 1, 2008
A "Perfect Storm" Threatens Loggerhead Recovery

Up Front by David Godfrey

Adopted Turtles Seen In Tortuguero, 2007

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Issue 2, 2008
Sea Turtles and Atlantic Scallop Fisheries

Archie Carr Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Dr. Lew Ehrhart at BIC Opening!

2008 Florida Legislative Update

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Issue 3, 2007
Global Status of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle

The Tortoiseshell Trade

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Issue 4, 2007
Higher Ground: The Battle to Save Florida's Beaches

Tortuguero Update

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Issue 1, 2007
Satellite Tracking of Leatherbacks Reveals Unexpected Foraging Ground

State Trawl Fisheries in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

Adopted Turtles Seen In Tortuguero, 2006

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Issue 2, 2007
Sea Turtles and North Carolina Inshore Fisheries

Tortuguero Update

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Issue 4, 2006
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting in Steep Decline

The Wait is Over—Construction Starts on Barrier Island Sanctuary and Education Center

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Issue 3, 2006
Eastern Caribbean Hawksbill Sea Turtles Tracked as Part of New Conservation Project

Reducing Sea Turtle Mortality & Bycatch in Fisheries

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Issue 2, 2006
Native Panamanians Partner with CCC to Protect Sea turtles at Chiriquí Beach

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Issue 1, 2006
Florida Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches Threatened by Runaway Seawall Construction

Turtle Heroes: Poets & Artists

Adopted Turtles Seen In Tortuguero, 2005

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Issue 3, 2005
What I Did On My Summer Vacation. A guest essay by Judi Lindsey, a CCC Research Participant

Advocacy in Action

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Issue 2, 2005
Chiriquí Beach Project Leads to Increased Sea Turtle Protection and Research Opportunities

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Issue 1, 2005
Dramatic Decline Observed in Florida Loggerhead Nesting

Protecting a Ribbon of Sand

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Issue 4, 2004
Hurricanes Wash Out 2004 Nesting Season and Expose Weaknesses in Florida's Coastal Management Policies

An All-Too-Common Fate for Hawksbill Sea Turtles

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Issue 3, 2004
CCC Helps Monitor Nesting in Carr Refuge

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Issue 2, 2004
Money Talks and Turtles Prosper, CCC's Tortuguero Efforts Have Global Impact

Beach Nourishment and Turtles - Can They Get Along?

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Issue 1, 2004
2003 Florida Sea Turtle Nesting Trends & News from the Archie Carr Refuge

Up Front by David Godfrey

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Issue 3, 2003
CCC to Help Operate an Environmental Education Center in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

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Issue 2, 2003
Tracking the Largest Turtles on Earth

CCC Launches Ambitious Hawksbill and Leatherback Conservation Project in Panama

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Issue 1, 2003
Proposed TED Rule Would Better Protect Sea Turtles

Florida's Sea Turtle Nesting and Stranding Trends; 2002 a Mixed Year

CCC Playing Major Role in Protecting Caribbean Leatherbacks

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Fall 2002
Costa Rica Urges Florida Leaders to Protect Critical Nearshore Sea Turtle Habitats

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Summer 2002
Cuba Withdraws Hawksbill Trade Proposal, New Threat Emerges from the Cayman Islands

Turtle Heroes: Third Graders Make Our Oceans Safer for Sea Turtles

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Spring 2002
Costa Rica Says "No" to Offshore Oil Drilling

CCC's Newsletter, the Velador, Gets a New Look

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Winter 2002
Sea Turtles Experience Highs and Lows in 2001

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Fall 2001
Turtles Tracked by Satellites Thanks to Some Help From Their Friends

CCC Research Participant Finds Solace in Memory of Tortuguero's Sea Turtles

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Summer 2001
Competition for the Title of "Old Faithful"

I Regret to Inform You, But a Cat Got Your Turtle

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Spring 2001
STSL Launches Free the Beach Campaign

Turtle Heroes: 4-H Club Sea Turtle Project and Contest

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Winter 2001
Jaguars Increase Their Take of Green Turtles at Tortuguero

New Threat Facing Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Florida

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Fall 2000
Active Year in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

Beach Nourishment Projects Must Consider Cumulative Impacts

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Summer 2000
Coalition Opposing Coastal Oil Drilling in Costa Rica

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Spring 2000
Sea Turtle Victory at CITES

STSL Launches Billboard Campaign to Promote Sea Turtle Tag

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Winter 2000
Internet Creates New Market for Illegal Endangered Species Products

CCC to Oppose Proposal to Legalize International Hawksbill Trade

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Fall 1999
Tens of Thousands of Florida's Sea Turtle Hatchlings Lost to Hurricane Floyd

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Summer 1999
STSL on the Right Track

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Spring 1999
Lawsuit Bans Sea Turtle Killing in Costa Rica

Protection Of Sea Turtles: Putting The Precautionary Principle Into Practice

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Winter 1999
CCC Celebrates 40 Years of Sea Turtle Conservation

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Fall 1998
"Bermudiana," a Case for International Protection of Sea Turtles
Summer 1998
Struggle to Strengthen Sea Turtle Protection in Costa Rica

The Road to Tortuguero --- A Two-Way Street
Spring 1998
International Agreement for the Conservation of Caribbean Sea Turtles Signed

Snapper Sighted!

Encouraging Trend Found at Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Winter 1998
The Bermuda Turtle Project

Leatherbacks Face Ever Increasing Threats
Fall 1997
Negotiations Begin on Tripartite Sea Turtle Agreement

CCC Hosts Central American Sea Turtle Workshop
Summer 1997
Sea Turtle Plate Becomes Law at Governor's Signing Ceremony

From Fresh Water to the Sea: The Turtle Bridge is Open
Spring 1997
Poaching an Increasing Threat for Tortuguero Green Turtles
Winter 1997
Archie Carr Refuge Receives Highest Ranking Yet
Fall 1996
Second Year of New Leatherback Program Ends in Tortuguero
Summer 1996
New Riddles About Kemp's Ridleys

Divine Intervention?

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